Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 22, 2009

I haven't blogged in awhile. But hey -- my presentation's over! Phewie! I just found out that I received an average score of a 147.3/150 points on the presentation ... definitely content with that!

At this point, this is where I am:
I'm going through the book and bulking the "About the Contributor" section of every page. I have also received about 5 more recipes, so I need to go back and add those in. For now, they'll be at the back of the book out of alphabetical order (which is OK). Once I've bulked/edited all the About the Contributor's, I'll send it to print so I can have it back by May 15 for my Written Document grade and Application. A shift in my Application --- rather than do the lunch with FA upper-schoolers, I'm submitting the final cookbook to the FA library (putting my work and knowledge on display for the FA community). This makes more sense I think.
While even this printed version will not be final, I'll be working on the book over the summer as well, readying it to be sold. I need to address a few copyright issues (pictures, etc.) before doing so.

Things are about over with at this point -- at least for the school project aspect of things -- so, I'm feeling pretty accomplished and very proud of my work.

I went to a lunch with the accrediations team and did a "mini" senior exhibit presentation for them. They were impressed with my work; Jamie and I did a great job of bouncing off of each other's ideas and working together to make the senior exhibit process seem as successful as it was for us. We did a great job displaying how important our projects were to us and how much we got out of the overall experience.

For my actual senior exhibit presentation -- I was worried sick (literally) before the presentation... even though I was 100% ready to give it. I was relieved that once I began talking, my nerves calmed down and I really pulled it off. I tried hard to maintain the interest of my audience and make the students feel a part of what I was doing. I think they were able to see how much my project meant to me. I told them that we, the youth, have the future in our hands. We have the capability of making great strides as individuals. I also harped on the fact that the senior exhibit process can be an incredibly enriching and enjoyable experience and the importance of finding something you're passionate about. I am incredibly happy with the turnout of my presentation, and my set-up was GREAT. I made "Sinful Chocolate" for my audience and discussed Robi Damelin (the one who contributed this recipe) and what she does. They seemed to enjoy that. I had a gold tablecloth, blown up/mounted cover, candlesticks, blown up table of contents & a couple pages -- the display was reminiscent of a homecooked meal and looked very professional. Before my presentation, I also arranged all the tables in a semi-circle to make it a more intimate arrangement rather than a standard classroom with me lecturing.
I will use the same set-up with likely another recipe for the night when all seniors have a table to display to parents and other seniors (can't wait!). By that time, I will also have the book bound and ready to go.

I'll report back with any more detail in a little while.
Only a couple more weeks of school left----- deposited to Smith a few nights ago; I'm extatic.