Thursday, October 16, 2008

15 October 2008

New to blogger!
I think I'll adjust fast to this method of journals. I like to check in more frequently than we have to, because things are always happening with my project. Recipes are still flowing in. I thought that by now we'd have them all, but we don't - which is OK.
As of now, every recipe I've received is saved on my hard drive in a special folder. Each of these recipes has been formatted to match the next: The name of the contributor, their peace commentary, general information about what they do, ingredients for recipe, and method for recipe. They are in the same fonts and all the ingredients "match" each other. The template all the pages has been created, but each page's template actually varies because each contributor gives not only a different recipe, but a different amount of text for me to include on their page. I'm hoping to soon have all the recipes in - so I can create the Table of Contents and work from front to back on the book. I've created multiple pages, but it's frustrating that I can't look at them in the order they'll appear in the book.
The pages are really looking great. I only work on them when I'm at home, and only for a certain amount of time each time - this way I'm not and will not get sick of this awesome project! Some times I'm more excited about it than others, and I purposely choose to work on it when I'm excited. I want this experience to bring me joy. I'm not stressed out about it at all at this point - I'm moving steadily through the pages and have a format for each of them. I plan to work a lot this weekend on page-design and creation. I have a large list compiled of each contributor and their recipe that I have updated multiple times. It is in alphabetical order and has the names of not only the confirmed contributors, but the invited and "committed to sending" people, too.
I asked Jody to ask those invited to include a "peace commentary." It is interesting to see their responses because different people make different things of this request. Some send a summary of their achievements. Others share a personal story. Some share the reason for choosing the recipe, and some share what peace means to them. Each of them are special. I feel so lucky to be a part of this and I can't wait for others to be able to read through my creation.

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