Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Outline of Presentation + What is to be done

Outline for Presentation

1. Introduction
- I will have the book completed and out on a table, along with 1 recipe that is prepared, my printed off list of contributors (I already have this), and any conversing that I have done with the contributors via email/mail.
- I will first explain the idea that I had initially -- incorporating design/cooking, then my decision to do this.
- I will explain what this project means to me, what peace means to me, and how the contributors and their words have affected me.

2. Process
- I will explain the process of getting the recipes. I got them via Jody and e-mail. I then compiled each into a word document and formatted them to look alike. (i.e. same font, same ingredient-measurements, etc.) I researched each contributor in order to write a blurb about each of them which is included in the book. I played around with different cover ideas, then established the perfect cover. I then created a uniform design for each page. I then pasted each person's name, recipe, personal blurb, and my blurb about them. This got tricky because each person's page is different depending on the amount of information they provided, lengthiness of their recipe, picture, etc. Once the page was completed in its entirety, I uploaded it to lulu.com in a PDF format.
-I had to set a deadline for all the recipes to be in, which was mid-way through January. Some have trickled in since then.
- I have been meeting with my step-mom periodically and showing her my progress. She has helped give me a more personal view on a lot of these people -- deeper than what Wikipedia has to say! :-)
- I have learned so much about each of them through their personal story/blurb. I will talk about how they have inspired me, etc.

3. Presentation of the Book
- I will give as many people I can a copy of the book to look through.
- I will first ask them to look closely at the cover, and discuss why I chose the design/colors that I did.
- I will then ask them to flip to certain pages to read a certain person's story and recipe, and discuss the design/format of the page and why I chose for it to be that way. I will have these pages already picked out.

4. Struggles
- I will discuss the struggles I faced: time management, getting recipes in on time, getting substantial and useful information on each person, writing about each person and attempting to make each person sound as great as they are, etc.

5. What I've Learned
- About individuals and what they can do
- About time management
- About building and incorporating a theme and design aspects throughout an entire book
- About making do with what I have
- About the difference one person can make
- About key issues in the world
- What I can do to make a difference every day (discuss examples).

6. Questions

What I Still Have to Do:
- I have gotten all the recipes and thus the list is complete
- I need to write a thank-you note to each contributor (it's good form!)
- I will hold 2 classes where a small group of students get together and make a recipe from the book. I will explain my project and zero in on one of the contributors each time as we prepare the recipe.
- Complete all pages
- Edit all pages
- Submit to Lulu for the first copy to get back and edit
- Re-submit to Lulu for the final and order multiple copies


ktblash said...

Goose I just want to say I am super impressed with your project. Way to go!

Jeff Eckerson said...


Your outline is great. A couple of thoughts-the pages your choose to focus on-will you have them projected? I am assuming you will-but the outline did not specify.

You have an awful lot of material-don't try to do too much-let everyone try the dish-tell some of the personal stories your that you know about the people-that is interesting to your audience.

This is an awesome project-one that you and the school can be proud of. I can't wait to see your presentation.

Mr. E.